Zillah Church of the Nazarene

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Connecting People to the Living Christ

 and to His Church

Welcome to Zillah Church of the Nazarene!

Our Sunday service begins at 10:45. 

Some Sunday School classes continue to meet during the summer 

(9:30 am) but most are on break...please contact the church (829-5338) for more info. 

Please check our calendar for more special events 

during our summer schedule.

A message from our pastor: 


This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24). This is a fairly well known verse to many of us. It is a significant verse and one which teaches an important truth: God has given us today and we rejoice because of it! However, I always like to see the larger context of a particular verse. As we look into Psalm 118 as a whole, it is a song of great praise and thanksgiving. The author praises God for his love, faithfulness, refuge, deliverance, salvation, and overall goodness. God is indeed all of these things! 

Yet, when do we typically experience him in these ways? Is it when going through trials and hardships? It is often in these times we best realize he is faithful; it is through trials we seek and find refuge and deliverance in him; it is through hardships that we come to better know his goodness! So wherever you are at today, in the midst of trials or having come through one, can we agree that this day is a gift from our Lord and we are going to rejoice together in it? I believe God is forever faithful, good, kind, and loving; that he is our refuge, deliverer, and salvation. It is a good day to rejoice!
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Thomas"